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About us

“Your Key to a fruitful partnership”

Welcome to the C.P. Group of Enterprises!

The best bet for multinational corporations and domestic corporates seeking a complete platform for retailing/ selling their products, Countrywide!

We’re a multi-million dollar corporate house engaged in the business of retailing, distribution, C&F, as well as the building and development of our commercial property sites. Richly experienced in dealing in product lines as diverse as footwear, garments, handicrafts, home-ware, foodstuffs, cosmetics and sanitary-ware, we’re a single point solution for all requirements connected with retailing premium brand products. Having so far limited our activities to the northern India region, we propose extending them to an all India basis at an early date.

If you’re thinking why do You — an MNC, or Indian corporate major — need to tie up with a partner like C.P’s, here’s the answer: Because, over the past few years,liberalization has revolutionized the face of Indian consumerism. Traditionally, retailing has not been a very organized industry in India. Today, however, it represents a mega bucks business into which leading Indian corporate houses like the Tatas , the Piramals ,the Rahejas and ITC have made a plunge. Shopping is turning into an entirely new experience, as supermarkets and convenience stores have begun to spring up in metropolises and larger cities, such as New Delhi , Mumbai , Kolkata and Chennai . The expectations of middle-class and upper-class consumers, too, have changed. For the first time the consumer has truly begun to emerge as king. And with dealer competition warming up, the discerning Indian consumer desires to see superior choice, quality and convenience at a location that is pleasant and possibly exciting.

All this leads to a single conclusion, that selling a leading brand is no longer merely about price and production processes. Instead, it concerns many complex parameters, such as a wide product choice, pleasing/top-of-the line customer service, suitable outlet sitting, and attractive showcasing of goods.

And THIS is what we are all about! We, at C.P’s, have gained an expertise over the years, to manage all such things expertly and provide you with a solution beneficial to you.